Maia Mum Soothe-It Spray

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SOOTHE your tender, bruised or swollen perineum post-birth with Maia Mum Soothe-It Spray!

Our spray is designed to spray upside down to aide in the healing of your perineum after giving birth. It helps with tears, bruising, swelling and provides cooling relief for that after birth sting. It can also be used for haemorrhoids before and after giving birth!!

What's included: 50ml Maia Mum Soothe-It Spray (witch hazel, manuka and rose: Alcohol Free - super important so you don’t burn down there!)

Top Tip: Don’t let it go to waste! When you’re all healed up, you can use it for cuts and bruises as well as tinea!

Step 4 in the Maia Mum 4 Step Postpartum Recovery Guide


Made in Christchurch, New Zealand

Spray upside down directly on perineal area or hemorrhoids

For added cooling store in refrigerator

 1 x 50mL Glass Bottle

-Witch hazel, Manuka and Rose

Alcohol Free

Customer Reviews

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Amelia Neill


Crystal Thorburn

Maia Mum Soothe-It Spray

Love this product!

Two days post partum and it is my favourite product purchased for recovery! An absolute must/treat for every mum to be. Thank you xo


This spray brought so much relief! I can’t imagine going through postpartum without it! Trying to take care of yourself and a baby is so hectic, but products like the soothe it spray from maiamum make it so much easier!

Nicole E
Best healing product by far

Absolutely love the Witch Hazel soothe it spray. I had a second degree tear and totally believe it has helped my healing process. Lovely scent and easy to use. Would definitely recommend.